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2010 Shag hairstyle tips

Shag hairstyle tips


Shag hairstyle is essential to the indie movement. The independent rock genre is not known for its glamour, the shag  hairstyle is a darling anti-glamour hair statement.


 In a very stylish way, your shag hairstyle needs to look deliciously unkempt at all times. This is the reason that it is best to have this kind of stylish hairstyle executed by a salon professional.


Once your hair has been shagged by a strategic shearing, you can maintain the shag hairstyle and build body using mousse and hair pastes that will aid texture. Shag hairstyle does not require as much texturizing as the bed head, and it can also allow you to grow your hair a few inches longer.

2009 Prom hairstyle for hot

Prom hairstyle for hot


The prom hairstyle is a special time in life for older teens. In most cases, girls will attend this dance with their high school sweetheart or perhaps they wait anxiously to be asked by the guy they like.


The prom hairstyle is a time when teens can get all dolled up, replacing jeans and sweatshirts for a time of looking grown up and beautiful.


The most common prom hairstyle is the updo hairstyle, which can be as simple as a classic, neat French twist or go modern and messy by adding braids, escaping tendrils, or even hair accessories such as beading or flowers for a unique look.

Bob hairstyles for beautiful women – HOT!

Bob hairstyles


Bob hairstyles are so simple that you can really play around with them to add your own flare and stand out of the crowd. Don’t be afraid to try different hair colors and hairstyles with your bobs, have fun and make them a style that reflects your personality.


Most bob hairstyle’s began with the ends being chipped heavily as it graduates upwards. This creates more volume to the crown of the head. Many of these bob hairtyles are created with the use a a straight razor by a professional hairstylist.