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2011 Oscars Prove Helena Bonham Carter Is Still The Best

In the weeks leading up to the Oscars, Helena Bonham Carter was on a rampage. But she wasn’t battling to win votes for her nominated category. She was just wandering around town saying charming things and making us fall in love with her. And last night was no different.

For proof, just take a look at the above photo of Helena showing off the Union Jack garter that she wore under her dress.

It’s exactly that kind of cheek that makes us crush on someone forever.

But let’s be honest. Helena’s best moment last night came after a clip of her Oscar nominated performance in The King’s Speech was played (via melsanie):

That reaction alone is enough to make her the reigning Hollywood goddess of Awesometown):

But it doesn’t stop there. A few weeks ago, Helena she went on The Tonight Show a few weeks ago, and told Jay Leno that she didn’t want to win the Oscar:

“People like you better if you lose, that’s my theory.”

It’s true! I mean, we do like Helena more than Melissa Leo, but that’s more a function of Helena’s awesomeness than anything else. And unlike most celebrities, the more we get to see of her, the more we like her. Take this amazing explanation of Helena’s clothing style, from that same interview.

“You don’t have to feel intimidated or less than. It’s a bit like my dress sense. I provide a service, because then people arent intimated. Because perfection is completely overrated.”

Hear, hear. Not only is this a great message, but it frees her up to wear whatever strange absurdity she wants on the red carpet forever. Helena Bonham Carter might just be the smartest woman in Hollywood.

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2011 Oscars Prove Helena Bonham Carter Is Still The Best