Lack of Option from Mitsubishi

Lack of Option from Mitsubishi

Lack of Option from Mitsubishi


You might already noticed that Mitsubishi is really have a problem with their lineup. Beside a Lancer, your options are only for the Galant midsize sedan, or maybe the Endeavor and Outlander crossovers. The thing is getting worse with Galant that contemplating seppuku and the Endeavor hasn’t been refreshed since the sales start on 2003.


Now, your option is limited to Outlander. But don’t worry as they have something good to offer. Their seven passengers car has reached the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Top Safety Pick, and could reach 28mpg on highway. Mitsubishi noticed that having only two competitive teams won’t be enough to compete in auto industry, so they are trying to evolving that only two spots on their lineup.


There are many variants of Lancer, including their latest offer of Lancer Sportback and the fun to drive wagon, the very famous Lancer Evolution. While the Outlander has recently unveiled their brand new smaller 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport. I think the five passengers crossover as you see above is a promising option and might do something in its already crowded segment.

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,100/month for Volvo C30 Electric

$  2,100/month for Volvo C30 Electric


The trial lines with 400 units of Volvo C30 Electrics is finally coming, and if you want one, you’d better have prepared your cash for a long time. The President of Volvo car Special Vehicles, Lennart Stegland is talking at a media launch near Indianapolis that the final price of the car hasn’t been set until now, so Volvo won’t sell the car. In other way, they are offering a three year lease for $ 2,129.85 per month.


You can use your calculator to start counting. Other way, let me help you. If you are sticking in the full 36 months, you will spend $ 76,674 for not buying a car. Stegland even still said that Volvo will losing their money on that deal. Yes, Electric Vehicles for a mass production is something more than expensive. That mass production itself is scheduled on some point in 2013.


Anyway, this car is quite good, though. To convince the customers with this EV, Volvo is pshing the traditional safety message as good as they can in this car, so I think this car is safe enough. You can see it by yourself when the car is coming to your land. For U.S., it is scheduled for the first quarter of 2012.

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Japan’s Disaster Might Reduce 30% of Auto Production

Japan's Disaster Might Reduce 30% of Auto Production


Previously, I have several times talking about the effect of the March 11 disaster in Japan is affecting the Japanese automakers. Now, let’s discuss about the effect on the rest of the industry. According to The Detroit News, a research firm IHS Automotive thinks that there will be 30% decreasing number of auto production, and every major automaker might be affected.


The most deciding factor on that prediction is about the time of the Japanese automakers to get back and making the parts for the industry. The Vice President of his, Michael Robinet, said to the Detroit News that if the suppliers haven’t get back within six weeks, the global auto production will drop by 100,000 units per day. While the current average total production is around 300,000 units, that number is 30% of the total production.


Robinet also added that if the parts haven’t coming quickly, those automakers will feel the effect on mid-April. The components which are most likely to run dry is the electronic and transmission components. That previous 30% still can increase to 40% if the automakers can’t get the replacement withing eight weeks. I hope that Japanese automakers will soon rebuild their factories.

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Lightweight BMW M Concept Coming to Tokyo

Lightweight BMW M Concept Coming to Tokyo


There is a circulating report related to BMW which is said to bring something unusual to the Tokyo Motor Show this year. A forum of people that are obsessed with BMW,, said that the automaker is trying to flex their muscles by bringing a lightweight engineering technology with the M concept which is touted as the best from the company to offer.


It is said that the chassis will use some lines of exotic materials in order to save every last pound. Those materials are including magnesium, thermoplastic, titanium, and of course carbon fiber. The bad thing is that the concept seems like will only be one unit car that is not destined for mass production. We can actually hope it to be the 1 Series CSL.


But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean BMW are not willing to use the technology on this car into their production vehicles either. BMW already confirmed that carbon fiber reinforced plastic body is one thing that will be an important part on their vehicle development. So, don’t be surprised if someday BMW will coming with a car which is created from those materials, joined with an also lightweight components to save every pounds as it is increasingly important to save the weight to meet the economy and performance goal.

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Lightweight Mazda MX-5 GT Unveiled

Lightweight Mazda MX-5 GT Unveiled


The strategy for Mazda’s strategy is getting clearer now. They are trying to cut the weight of all their products. You can see this philosophy on their new MX-5 GT race car. The car will be competing in Britcar MSA British Endurance Championship this year. As I said before, the car is as light as 1,874 pounds while bringing the power of almost twice the standard MX-5.


This totally modified engine for the MX-5 can produce 275 horsepower. Did you think it is not good enough? Remember that this car is very lightweight, so that power is able to bring the car to 60 miles per hour in only three seconds. This car is still can accelerate until 160 mph and still looking good with its Spirited Green paint job.


Jota Sport racing team is able to totally reduce its weiht by removing several hundreds pounds on its interior components, revised some interior fittings, and dipped the shell in acid. The doors are now made of carbon fiber while the windows are from polycarbonate. Jota is also lowering the engine’s height and adjusted the suspension. To help the handling, they are adding a six speed paddle shift transmission.

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