Lancia Include Chrysler 200-based Flavia

Lancia Include Chrysler 200-based Flavia

Lancia Include Chrysler 200-based Flavia

Some might think Lancia as the plymouth of Fiat group. But instead of being killed like the defunct American marque, this pseudo premium italian division is recently teamed up with Chrysler to increase the Pentastar’s global reach while rejuvenating Lancia. The effect of this pair can be seen with the appointment of Lancia CEO Olivier Francois, and the demonstration of a Lancia Delta with Chrysler-badge at Detroit show last year.

Now, things could finally materialize in the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. According to the latest repor, Fiat-Chrysler alliance wil unveil the Lancia-fied version of Chrysler 200. This model is expected to bring Flavia nameplate which was last seen in 1975. It only receive a few modification in the new grille, European spec bumpers, and mechanical additions of manual transmission and diesel engine.

It is expected to be only one of some new debuts that Lancia planned for the Swiss expo. Some of them were Chrysler, some other not. There will be Thema flagship sedan Chrysler 300, and Lancia version of Chrysler Town & Country minivan. Lancia is also expected to unveil the new Ypsilon hatchback which could also be a Chrysler. Now they only need the Pentastar-badged of New Strator, and they will be all set.

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China Denies Involves In Renault’s EV Spy Case

The industrial spy case that involving three executives from Renault and electric vehicle secrets that expect to be from China, continues. The French carmaker has officially filed an acusation against the foreign private company. However the company involved was not made public, but the filing doesn’t cite a foreign power, according to a Paris prosecutor Jean Claude Marin in Reuters.

In fact, the French government began to step away from the rumors that China is involved. But a member of conservative UMP said that a Chinese buyer might behind this operation. That buyer might a Chinese power company, which was reported laundered at least EUR 630,000 into bank accounts in Liechtenstein and Switzerland to the executives.

China denied any involvement on this case. We still don’t know what was stolen, but the Chief Operating Officer of Renault, Patrick Pelata, tells Reuters that the key technology for the electric vehicles is still safe. Prosecutor Marin must make a decision to either conduct hisown investigation, or open a judicial enquiry that will go to an independent magistrate. Nissan’s executive Carlos Tavares is completely trusts Renault to handle the matter. Nissan is Renault’s alliance in electric vehicles. They has invested EUR 4 billion in it.

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Mugen Goes Molecular With Ariel Atom

Mugen Goes Molecular With Ariel Atom

This is a match made in automotive realm. Mugen has gone working on its magic on the Honda powered Ariel Atom. They created it to celebrate the car’s 10th anniversary. The car is pretty impressive with its red chassis and white body work. The Japanese tuner has also tweaked a mighty four cylinder at the guts of the open wheel.

A fully blueprinted K20Z Type R engine is now giving the grunt. And because of the new high compression pistons, high lift cams, and new valve springs, the vehicle kicks out a lofty 270 horsepower. Mugen claims that they need a full seven days goes into each and every lump. The extra pep should get this Mugen Atom to 60 mph in only 2.9 seconds, while the top speed is 150 mph.

The consumers will also be treated with the special four piston brake calipers built by the brake masters at Alcon. The modified version of a fully adjustable coilover suspension can also be found on the Atom V8 as a standard equipment. The cockpit is fitted with a new flat LCD screen to display the car’s condition.  There is no word about the pricing, but Mugen is only make 10 units of car so it won’t be cheap.

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Subaru Announce Toyobaru Sports Coupe


Subaru has been very quite about their planned version of the car, while Toyota has been very happy to supply their FT-86 with glimpses of and whispers to the world. But from now, those things are going to change. The Pleiades has finally announced the vehicles that they plans to show off at Geneva Motor Show in March this year.


This car will come along with the Impreza Concept which has been revealed previously The new Trezia econobox will also make an appearance there. It is the Subaru Rear Wheel Drive Sports Car Technology Concept. These news were answering the question of whether or not Subaru end of the venture would bring the company’s all wheel drive trademark when it debuts and from the concept form, the answer is no.


Beside the fact that the RWD Subaru will be announced in Geneva, there is still no indication about what will the car look like, or wheter or not it will ever show up in the American showrooms. We only know that the vehicle will bring the Subaru boxer four cylinder on its hood, though it is also unclear whether the engine will be the next generation of the engine which currently markets, or Subaru will put the old turbo lump out front.

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Nissan Encourages Business Owners With New Van

Nissan Encourages Business Owners With New Van

Nissan now has taken their part in the commercial cargo moving market, as they are releasing their new NV series of body on frame vans. But now there is another problem. It is about how will Nissan entice their buyers to change their options from the tried and true options like the Mercedes Benz Sprinter and Ford E-Series, into the new unproven model like their NV 1500, 2500, and 3500?

Instead of dropping more cash on the hood, Nissan will instead offering the choice of some no cost options to help their NV buyers in converting their vehicles into a cargo carrying juggernaut. For any customers who purchase an NV van, they can choose from a cargo management systems that consists of three 44 inch shelving units, an exterior standard roof utility rack or an interior rack for the high roof model, and a steel cabin/cargo partition.

NV buyers are more interested in marketing than cargo enhancements that can opt for a personalized shape of van from the Original Wraps that spans up to 70 square feet. If none of those options could attract the buyers, Nissan will seems to cut $ 300 from the starting price of $ 24,590.

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