hairstyle by raymond scott

Long straight hairstyle from Tyra Banks


Model Tyra Banks is wearing a long straight hairstyle when she is seen arriving at LAX.


Celebrities’ hairstyle - Long straight hairstyle from Tyra Banks


When you thinking about having a straight haircut, talk with your stylist what is the best that suits your hair type. Straight hair has a combination of 3 different textures, coarse, medium and fine.

The stylist suggests that when going in for a straight hairstyle, it is best to choose fuss-free simple styling techniques, which requires low maintenance.


Straight hair can be cut with a blunt end or graduated into layers giving the hair some texture. You could also try a shoulder length style with layers framing the face.


A textured straight hairstyle would work well for long hairstyle with a lot of flirtatious flips and long loose layers. The ends could be given more definition through razoring and slicing.

Longer Bouncy Curls Hairstyle


This long curly hairstyle features longer, unbound curls that just seem to natural fit into the look. Some hairstyles that use curls, just do not look right but this long hairstyle combines relaxed curls and long hair to frame the facial area and create a charming look.


Because the hair is so long and the curls are loose, applying Curl Friends Control Gel to eliminate frizz helps complete the look and create alluring hairstyles.


Longer Bouncy Curls Hairstyle

Qui Rice

2009 women’s hairstyle trends – Longer Bouncy Curls Hairstyle


Marisia’s long curly hairstyle


Violinist and composer Andre Rieu, performer Marisia and Peir Rieu arrives for the premiere of Andre Rieu’s ‘Live In Australia’ at the Entertainment Quarter on May 10, 2009 in Sydney, Australia. Marisia is wearing her long curly hairstyle.


Marisia’s long curly hairstyle


Celebrities’ hairstyles - Marisia’s long curly hairstyle


Curly hairstyles present a look that can go with any occasion. Many people with curly hair often desire straight hair and those with straight hairstyles envy curly tresses.


From those women who are with naturally curly hairstyles, to those who just add them for deviating, stylish looks, curly hairstyles are a good way to figure in a little twirl, bounce, or simple hairstyles.