hairstyle by kristin alexander

2009 – 2010 blonde hairstyle


Whether you have a natural blonde hair which have been dyed blonde, choosing the right hairstyle is probably something that you’re concerned about.


Choosing the right blonde hairstyle can really add to your overall appearance.To to add texture to your hair is to increase the bangs.


One of the main reasons for which you may want to bangs is because they are often considered to be very trendy. There are many different types to choose from, and they may add some pizzazz to any blonde hairstyle.

2009 – 2010 short prom hairstyle

2009 – 2010 short prom hairstyle


Have you got a new hair tips for your prom night? If you are thinking about choosing one of the short prom hairstyles for your special night, be sure you keep in mind as you shop for your dress.


There are several hairstyles that bring out the best in a short prom hairstyle and make you look beautiful!


This year’s, the most popular short prom hairstyles are sexy curls or waves. Most girls will choose prom hairstyle which is feminine. The edgy hairstyles will also fit the ball. Actually, popular prom hairstyles change each subject to the style of different girls.


The layer, textured cut is a great example of a cute short prom hairstyle 2009 – 2010 that has plenty of movement, cut just shy of the length of a short bob. This hairstyle is more flexible than shorter cuts making it very popular.

Short medium hairstyle from Lisa Rinna


This is a very cool medium hairstyle for women who love layered hairstyles.


For many years, Lisa Rinna has worn a short medium hairstyle which has remained fairly constant. The hairstyle is a “short shag”, and is very flattering on a lot of different face shapes and hair types.


Lisa Rinna has short to medium, straight hair in a shag style with bangs. Her hair color is brown. Soft, side-swept bangs finish off this hairstyle.