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Short Hairstyles

Short Hairstyles

In a shock move that nobody saw coming, last week Emma Watson became the latest celebrity to go for the chop, restyling her hair into an elfin crop.  Yes, now that filming on the final installment of the Harry Potter films has finished, Miss Watson has moved away from wild, untamable curls sported by her character Hermione Granger and reinvented herself with this gorgeous Twiggy-esque look.

Short Hairstyles

We’ve all felt this way at some point, having had one bad hair day too many we find ourselves booking an appointment with our hairdresser in a bid to get our troublesome long locks cut off once and for all.  Yet when the appointment rolls around, we get in the chair we mumble, “Oh, just the usual please. Tidy it up a bit and get rid of the split ends”.   The fact is that while many of us would love to be as brave as Emma Watson and try out a shorter ‘do, we are just too scared that it wont suit us.

Well, ladies, fear not.  There IS a short hairstyle to suit everyone, it’s all about finding the right cut for your face shape. Be warned though that thick, curly hair is difficult to tame into a short style and will look its best with a shoulder length cut.  Lusting after a shorter style isn’t worth it when even the slightest hint of rain can turn you into a complete frizzball – trust us!

Round Face
If you have a round face, opt for a fun, flirty, layered style that frames your face and finished below your jawline.  Teamed with a sweeping fringe, this style will make your face appear thinner and your cheekbones more defined. Avoid one-length blunt cuts as this look will only enhance the roundness.

Square Face
Square faces should be softened with tousled, textured bobs to reduce the appearance of an angular jawline.  The cut should end above or below the jaw, but avoid styles that finish at the chin as they will only accentuate the face’s squareness.

Long Face
Give the impression of width by opting for a simple yet gorgeous chin-length bob.  Having a full style at the sides of your face will balance out your look, but be sure to avoid long-length centre parting styles, as they will only make your face seem even longer!

Heart Face
Women with heart shaped faces tend to have amazing cheekbones too, so make them stand out with a playful fringe and a chin-length bob to give you fullness around the jawline where it is most needed.  If you have a dramatic heart shape where your chin is much narrower than the rest of your face, avoid top heavy and very short styles.

Oval Face
You lucky lot can get away with almost any short style!  A cute pixie crop will accentuate your eyes and cheekbones, while a longer angular bob will frame your face perfectly.  Avoid heavy fringes and hairstyles that fall forward onto your face as you will cover up your shape, which can appear to add weight.

Short Hairstyles

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