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Angled bob hairstyles in summer

Angled bob hairstyles


Angled bob hairstyles are some of the trendiest and most versatile haircuts you can wear in 2009.


You can wear the angled bob hairstyle if you like short hair.


Usually in the angled bob hairstyles, the hair is longer in the front and gradually begins to taper and become shorter in the back.


Women who are looking to add dramatic flair to their appearance can accomplish this easily with an angled bob hairstyle.


Angled bob hairstyles in summer


Not only are the Rihanna bob hairstyle convenient to maintain, they offer a sexy and smart look as well.

Rihanna is popular for her angled bob hairstyle as she is for her great pop music.


Latest Hair Photos From Singer Rihanna

Rihanna hairstyle


Short hairstyles are the trend of the day and getting it done in Rihanna’s hairstyle is taste of the day. I think short haircut gives a jazzy look to Rihanna and goes very well for a funky and wild image, especially her pixie hairstyle.


Pixie haircuts have become the style icon for the 2009.  The best part of the pixie hairstyle is that it suits whatever face it is taken on.


Rihanna looks extremely gorgeous in her new short haircut this season. The basic structure of the hair is layered and these are cropped all over.


This short hairstyle is perfect of all face cuts and is fun to have. It is easy maintainable and can be styled with a blow dry using a large round brush.


Rihanna’s Short Haircut


2009 long hairstyle from Alyssa Milano


Moving closer to the present Alyssa Milano could be wigging it for the day.


Her long hair has layers about two inches from the bottom. The sides are smoothly angled to frame her face.


Not to forget that smoothing lotion for your ends is the most important tip for this smooth look.


2009 long hairstyle from Alyssa Milano