Classics Car Names’ Origins

Classics Car Names’ Origins

enzo ferrari

Cars for many years have been used as symbol of status by many people. The brand and the types of the car often boost the owners’ pride. Most of car manufacturers have their own interesting histories behind their given names. They also have their own unusual stories behind their companies’ logos.  Shakespeare once wrote “What’s in a name?” Well, a name creates image, pride and good wishes to its bearer. It also applies to car manufacturers.

Most of classic car manufacturers are usually named after the founder of the company. We have a list of famous vintage cars like Ferrari, Roll Royce, and Buick that are name after the company’s founder namely Enzo Ferrari, Henry Royce, Charles Rolls and David Dunbar Buick.

Besides named after the founder, cars are also named after the places where they were manufactured like Vauxhall that is taken from the name of a district in London. There is also the Lincoln that was named to honor the United States of America’s President, Abraham Lincoln. Henry Leyland is the founder of the manufacturing company. The Lincoln then became presidents’ choice of car for many years. Animal’s name also become popular choice for cars manufacturers. Jaguar was adopted the name of famous sleek, fast feline.

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Special Mustang Boss 302 Grabber Blue


Mustang is always been known and associated with muscle, strong, and solid car. Not to mention also classic and timeless. So when Ford decided to release the new look for the Boss 302 line in 2012, the news excites Mustang’s lovers.

However, the company only produces one product and then let go for charity purpose. The Grabber Blue Mustang Boss 302 is planned to be put in an auction at 40th Annual Barret-Jackson Collector Car in Scottsdale, Arizona. The money from the auction will be donated for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

The Grabber Blue comes with blue finish, black accent, Recaro seats and Citic Dicastal wheels. The car is also equipped with improved suspension, aerodynamic and chassis power so that the car will preserve its classic style. Compared to regular Boss 302, the Laguna Seca has quicker acceleration times and shorter stopping distance.

Legendary racer, Parnelli Jones, will give out his comment for the auction event. He won the Trans-Am competition in 1970 in a Boss 302 line, that’s why he’s asked to provide a comment. Ford has managed to reach about $ 2.5 million for charity event during the last four years and will continue to do so up to the years ahead.

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Ford’s Car Future Predictions

upcoming ford

Ford has managed to make improvements over the years. With new and updated technology and development, the company’s effort to mark its way in one of the leading automotive manufacturer seems to show the good result.

Some people and experts have made prediction about what Ford would make in the following years. Here are some predictions concerning the future Ford’s vehicle:

1. Ford will not be producing big SUV anymore

The latest trend Ford has been developing is making more and more sedan crossover, with capability for accommodating 7 people but with lighter weight and fuel friendly system. It seems that the company has seen more opportunity in increasing the sales among sedan and crossover lines.

2. Ford will introduce its new designs and products in 2011

The hatchback designs and environment friendly system will be available more in North America, since Ford has decided to make most of its products based on the design and system. It seems that Ford Focus, the new product, will also be available in early 2011.

3. Ford will produce more electric cars

With the increasing demand for electric cars, it seems that Ford will produce more EV line. It’s even predicted that in 2012, there’ll be more electric cars available than it’s already have now.

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Chrysler 300 Review

chrysler_300 black

Have you ever heard about flagship vehicle? It means the top product of a car manufacturer company that is usually the best, most expensive, and most luxurious. The same thing happens to Chrysler which claimed that their product, the 300 sedan, as the company’s flagship vehicle, that’s being in the manufacturing process in Brampton, Ontario. Chrysler has set up the selling price of the new line for $ 27,995. The 300 is the alternative to European luxurious sedan, but in less expensive price. There will be 4 different models of 300 lines: the regular 300 is sold at $ 27,995, 300 Limited is at $ 31,995, 300C is at $ 31,995, and 300c AWD at $ 41,145. All of these prices already include shipping cost for about $ 825.

The spoke person from Chrysler stated that the cars are in shipping process to business centers and dealers, but none have reached any of them yet till now. The car has been planned to be sold during first quarter period of 2011, which means they’re right on schedule.

Although Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger are built on the same platform of rear-drive mode and also manufactured at Brampton, the 300 is more expensive than the Charger, with additional price of $ 2,000 a car.

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Beckham’s Porsche 911 on eBay Sale


Celebrity status often makes people want to have the one and only things in the world. That’s why they often want their items customized and made special. David Beckham wanted the same thing for his Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet, made it customized and had it to be the only car with special features in the world.

The convertible car was bought with the price of $ 145,790 and then customized with his number 23 from his Los Angeles Galaxy number. The numbers was on the hood, rims, deck lid, and steering wheel. It was predicted that the customization process cost about almost $ 100,000.

Now the car is on sale on eBay, with Chequered Flag International dealer offered $ 175,000 for it. The bidding, however, still continues. It will be closed on January 12, 2011, with no limit to the end of the bidding.

The Porsche is predicted to attract a lot of attention, especially since the football star often caught on pictures spending many of his moments – including his personal times with his wife – behind the Porsche wheels. After he bought the car from Beverly Hills Porsche dealer, he customized it to make the car his personal and individual ride. Besides all the 23 numbers scattered across the vehicle, he also had the car in black with black headlight, heated seats, leather steering wheel, and Techart exhaust system.

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