Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Become F1 Medical Car

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Become F1 Medical Car


Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Become F1 Medical Car


Mercedes-Benz was unveiled their latest 2012 C63 AMG estate at last month’s Geneva Motor Show. That update has given us a closer look to the revision model of their power wagon. Still bring the 6.2 liter V8 and some trimming from the previous version, but has a new front fascia and Speedshift MCT transmission.


There is one unit that will debut in Australia this weekend. This unit has an emergency lights, four seats with six point harnesses, two dashboard monitors, communication radio, and a lot of medical equipment. Strange? No, because that car will be F1′s new medical car. This unit will joining the SLS AMG which is also be the safety car to replace the old C63 wagon. As I said before, the car will debut in Australia to start the F1 World Championship after Bahrain’s stage was canceled.


This special wagon will coming with some optional performance package to increase its output and will sit standby to prepare for the crash. You will love it when the car is running through the track, but I hope it won’t run too often.

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2012 Ford Focus ST Coming to the Street

2012 Ford Focus ST Coming to the Street


For some moments, we haven’t heard anything about the 2012 Ford Focus ST. For Americans, don’t worry as the car will still coming to your land. However, it is a dumb decision for Ford if they were stopped their offering for the best variant of their global Focus in the United States, especially when Americans have been denied by some Euro hot hatch for some times.


The car will bring its FoMoCo’s 2.0 liter EcoBoost inline four engine straight into you and that engine is able to provide 246 horspower and 266 pound feet of torque. That power is mated via a six speed manual gearbox to transmit it into its fromt wheels. The Torque vectoring power from Ford is also ready to be used and keep it from getting too squirrely. For the interior, you will see a Recaro sport seats, thick steering wheels, and an orange trim.


Before the Ford Focus ST is officially hits the road, you can see the video from Ford here. It is surely not the best movie that ever been posted to YouTube, but not the worst either. Beside that, it is still able to make you interested to the ST.

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2011 Dodge Charger Coming to Dyno

2011 Dodge Charger Coming to Dyno


Yes, the mad-looking red car above is the 2011 Dodge Charger R/T. Not only have a brave look, it also has a great power in it. You can check by opening its hood, and you will see a very powerful 5.7 liter Hemi V8 engine to be the powertrain of this car. This is a good car that is combined with an awesome power from Hemi: 370 horsepower with 395 pound feet of torque.


Now, some rare people might think on how accurate are those figures? The people from Inside Line is putting this Charger R/T to be tested on their Dyno. From the result that they got, it seems that Dodge is someway underestimating its own engine. The test was shown that this Charger R/T is able to produce 360 horsepower into its rearwheel at 5,300 rpm. The peak torque is reached at 4,260 rpm with 393 pound feet.


Now, remember that the average drivetrain has about 10% to 15% power reduction before the whole power is sent to the wheels. It means that the engine is able to bring a lot more than what the automaker claims on their brochure. Why would an automaker plays down their creation?

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2012 Saab 9-3 Hatchback Officially Confirmed

2012 Saab 9-3 Hatchback Officially Confirmed


You might have seen when the next generation of 9-3 car is undergoing its testing. However until now, there is no real bodywork or unveiled specifications for this car. The return of this hatchback model is rumored to be coming soon, as Saab’s Vehicle Validation Engineer, Magnus Hillerborn was confirmed that the five door is currently under construction along with its convertible variant.


Still, he didn’t yet confirmed that the car has a sedan bodystyle. Actually, this car was nearly finished when Spyker purchased Saab from General Motors last year. Unfortunately, Victor Muller and Co. thought that there are still some things to be done to give it more Saab’s look. The car is taking its design from the earlier PhoeniX concept car, and Hillerborn said that GM’s executive will be very surprised.


Hillerborn also added that this hatchback vehicle will be only available in five door. He also promises that it will has a very sleek and unique design that would also appeal the traditional sedan buyers. The refreshed line of Saab 9-3 was debuted at Geneva beside the PhoeniX showcar, but it has to wait for another one year before it is officially come to the market.

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Great Sales on Hyundai, Bad Profit on Dealers


Hyundai is currently has a very promising lineup. Their sales are keep climbing and the perception of this brand has getting better day by day. However, not every Hyundai man is happy, as Hyundai dealers are still behind for the competition of the most important thing, their profits.


Last year, the average dealer profit for auto industry was 2.1 percent from its total sales. Actually, Hyundai has their dealers’ profit were rising for the last few years. But Automotive News said that those profits were still below the industry average number. Hyundai only got 1.9 percent last year. For comparison, Honda is enjoying their profit of almost 3 percent of their total sales.


Why is it happen? Hyundai must fix their service bays and part sales. The other company such as Ford and Chevrolet dealerships have 85 percent of their overhead costs is paid from their service department, while Hyundai dealers are only able to cover 40 percent from this area. The thing is getting worse by remembering that they have to contend with their popular models shortages and the weak used car sales.

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